Has anyone ever felted garter stitch?

I’m going to be working with some very new knitters that don’t know how to purl and was wondering if anyone has ever felted garter stitch and how it turned out. (Any pics would be great!)

I was just hoping to do a fun felting project with them without them having to know stockinette yet.


If you can find a copy of Knitting Never Felt Better by Nicky Epstein, she has felted just about everything and has photos of the befores and afters in the book.

I don’t have a photo on this computer and it was before Ravelry, but I have done one bag in garter stitch. It felted just fine and doesn’t really look any different than stockinette when felted. Just remember to keep it fairly loose so it can felt well. What you might do is do a couple samples yourself to see how it felts with the yarn you choose.

Wow am I glad you asked this question. I just did a quick scarf in garter and should finish it this evening. I planned on felting it so this topic was very welcome.