Has anyone ever done the Beach Onesie from LionBrand?

I’m doing it in the 12 month size and I’ve run out of the dark blue yarn at the bottom.
I didn’t quite make it to 11 1/4 inches by finishing on a pattern row 10 so I ripped out to finish on a pattern row 5 and then did the decrease row and then the 3 row wave pattern. I now have a short amount left which is meant to do the buttonhole band at the end.

I measured my gauge (didn’t do a swatch at the beginning though). I’ve got the 19 stitches but I’ve got 30 rows instead of 25. How can I do anything with that? If I change needles, then surely the stitches will be out.

I don’t intend ripping it out and starting again, but I did want to do this again in different colours. So I guess what I’m asking is did anyone else have this problem? How many pattern repeats did you do in the blue? And why did I run out of yarn when I’m not doing the largest size and I was supposed to do the buttonhole band as well? I’m going do to do that in the denim swirl instead.



Is it just a question of not having enough yarn? Sometimes different people’s gauge calculations wind up with differing yarn requirements. You may just need to buy more yarn. Is that what you were asking?