Has anyone ever blocked 50%acrylic, 50% tencil?


I’ve almost finished the branching out scarf. I’m using a wool that is 50% acrylic and 50% tencil and i’m wondering how well & how to block it (and if it will grow when blocking). I found an article that suggested for man-made fibres just to pin it out and then lightly spray it and let dry - NO heat as this could melt the fibres.

Has anyone blocked this type of wool before or have any suggestions?


I’d follow the directions you found in the article. We know acrylic doesn’t really block and I doubt that tencel will either. Washing it (in the machine) then laying out to dry will help even out the stitches.


Are you using Zhivago? With lace you need to use natural fibres that can block or the lace will be invisible. Heat/steam from an iron will kind of make it collapse and go limp/flaccid. Some people hate this effect and some like it. You might want to try the steam or a brief protected iron on a swatch of BL and only if all else fails.

No it’s not Zhivago, but is the same composition. The brand is "sean sheep’ - Flinders.

I hadn’t realised that zhivago was the same (50% acrylic, 50% tencel) until you mentioned it and I went and looked at the Patons website. That’s interesting as I have seen some Zhivago colours that I really liked, but I didn’t like how it felt. This wool though (the Sean Sheep brand) is much much softer.

I pinned it out last night and sprayed it with water. It is currently drying…the room it is in is very cold and we have had a couple of cold days also so it’s taken a while. It’s basically dry to the touch now, but I just want to leave it a bit longer (actually I’m scared that when I unpin it, it will curl again, but you live and learn - my next lace project will be 100% natural fibres!)


Sorry, I meant the steam will kill acrylics/synthetics. Lace can be blocked if it has a large fibre content but I think a small amount of acrylic will not destroy it. Check out Eunny Jang’s blog for her tutorial on blocking lace.