Has anyone else seen this? Cute!

The Knitting Needle Knitting Bag is too cute!:heart:

I would only change one thing and that is to glue a cute point protector at the end of each needle. :teehee:

I like. I agree about the point protectors. You can add the point protectors on your the one you make. I’m printing a copy now.

I saw this when they first came out with the pattern. I think it is absolutely darling. I was thinking of making one and expanding it just a bit and then adding a set of magnets to the handles somehow (haven’t thought this all the way through yet) or maybe some sort of clasp and then add a set of longer straps on it as I’m a long strap purse kind of gal.

How cute!
Are the handles stitched on the inside or the outside of the bag?
I can’t tell from the photo.

I saw this bag a few months ago and fell in love with it :heart: :heart: :heart:. I have actually cast on for it and started it, but I am nowhere near finished. Hopefully it will be one of my FO for 2008. I am using Lion Brand Thick & Quick in the Claret color and using size 13 needles. It is going to be very cute (once it is finally done, lol).

I’ve seen this before and had forgotten about it! It’s so cute!!! I’m going to have to save the link this time. :slight_smile:

Oh, how funny. I just printed this pattern out last night. Now, if I could just decide what color I want to make it.:teehee:

I know…choices choices. I just may go with a multi colored yarn.:teehee: