Has anyone else done this?

My mother in law asked me to make her a ton of dishcloths. So instead of buying the cotton I went to Value Villiage and bought an old sweater made of 100% cotton and plan on tearing it apart to make the dishcloths. If you can do this I will save myself alot of money. My husband thinks I’m nuts. :lol:

I haven’t done it, but my husband would KNOW {like there was ever any doubt! :roflhard: } that I was nuts because I would never EVER make anything for my MIL. :roflhard:

You are NOT crazy. I do it all the time. I can’t go by a goodwill without drooling. Here’s the website that shows you how to do it.


[color=blueviolet]I’ve never done it and frankly I never would for dishcloths. It think it’s more of a hassle, IMO. I’ve bought “kitchen cotton” for a $1.38 a skein and have gotten two Grandmother’s Favorites cloths out of each skein. You can get a 1LB, over 800 yrds, cone of kitchen cotton for $7-8. You may save some money but for me my time is worth just as much if not more than my money. Good luck with the recycling project. :thumbsup:[/color]

Very cool site. Thanks, Fem.

loved the site. Thank you. :cheering: I can’t believe how much yarn I got from just one sleeve. :shock: It was an XL though.

:thinking: Wouldnt there be a chance that the yarn is so “weak” that it would break in the process of knitting it again?

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Cool website on recycling yarn. I wondered why she didn’t just ball it as she went rather than skein it? Seems like it would be easier that way to just ball it off as you unravel it? Of course this would probably require a little more assistance.

I don’t think yarn gets ‘weak’ from being used. If it was a very old, worn sweater, breakage might be a concern, but you’d cut out the frayed or worn yarn. the rest should be fine. And it you only paid a dollar for it, eh?