Has anyone done the LionBrand garter stitch back pack?

[color=blue]If you have done this pattern, tell me why you need to do this on circular needles. I did the base. It just seemed silly doing a straight garter stitch on circular needles. Thanks. Glenda :thinking: [/color]

Are there too many sts to fit on straight needles?

[color=blue]The body of the back pack only has 25 stitches to cast on. I don’t get it. I’d copy and paste the pattern but I don’t know how. :oops: [/color]

is this the pattern? http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kjif-backpack2.html

I dont see any reason you would HAVE to use circs for that…only DPNs for the Icord. :??

[color=blue]Yep, that’s the pattern. Also it instructs you to make 14 eyelet rows!! Don’t you think that’s excessive? I made their other knitted backpack which turned out soooooo cute, so I thought I’d try this one. But the other pattern only called for 2 eyelet rows, one at the top and one at the bottom. But 14?? I think this is a mistake. What do you guys think? I have already written to LionBrand and questioned it but have heard nothing yet. :shock: [/color]

I think you get one hole at one end each time you do an eyelet row and those eyelets are spaced 10 rows apart. When you turn your work sideways and sew it into a tube for the body, those eyelets are now around the top edge, so you can thread your drawstring through.

[color=blue]Duh, I guess I should have reread the pattern. The other pattern had two rows with each hole 3 stitches apart. This one has 14 holes (one on each row). Thanks. By George, I think I’ve got it!! LOL :cheering: [/color]