Has anyone done Fun Fur before?

I looked at the Lionbrand pattern http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/40035AD.html and wonder if it’s worth making one of those. Does it really look and feel like a fur coat? Is it worth making, or it will look too cheap while cost too much to make?

fun fur…ugh… Sorry. I am among many who HATE fun fur. it’s a HUGE pita to work with, and looks nothing like any fur I’ve seen. IMHO, anything knit with fun fur looks like a muppet pelt.

I’ve used Fun Fur for quite a few things, and have discovered that if you are using it with another yarn, it’s not so bad to work with. Also, a soft, baby-type brush is great for getting the “fur” that’s caught within the stitches. I wouldn’t equate this project with a real fur coat by any means, but if you like the look of those obviously fake ones available, I’d give it a try. Personally, I wouldn’t spend $150 on it though.

I only did a small little project. It was a little hard trying to figure out how many stiches I had on the needle. It was o.k. but I personally wouldn’t be thrilled about doing a bigger project with it. :thinking:

I recently posted here how I saw and tried on a sweater coat in a store that was knit with what looked like Fun Fur. It was dark brown and the more I looked at it the more I liked it. It did remind me of fur. So I tried the coat sweater on and it looked really BEAUTIFUL on me. I’m a plus size gal so some times its hard for things to look good on me but that did. BUT after only wearing it for two minutes I could feel it was VERY WARM to wear. I am a warm person to begin with. (I’m at the power :oops: surge age). So I knew that I would never be able to wear that coat. But I’ll never forget it and how nice it actually did look on me.

The pattern you are thinking of looks really beautiful. Keep us posted if you decide to make it. :smiley:

It’s funny that you posted about fun fur today as I just picked some up at wal mart-- not for making clothes, but I have decided to make the princess snowball pet bed from Stitch n’Bitch. I think it feels nice and soft but I have not worked with it yet.


I honestly don’t like working with fun fur. The first time I ever worked with it, I kept getting frustrated. I just recently made a scarf out of it and I just hated it. I was so afraid of dropping a stitch.

Maybe you could buy a skein just to see how you like working with it.

I make fun fur scarves all the time. I have a lot of cousins who love that look. I don’t think it’s hard to work with at all but I just do a garter stitch scarf. I also sell them and they sell like hotcakes.

I’ve done fun fur scarves… quite a few. I think fun fur is ok for scarves and trim. Thats it. Too much of it gets too bulky and looks shaggy.

I used to make lots of those fun fur scarves, but just got tired of them.

Now, the only thing I make with fun fur is my furry steering wheel cover! I replace mine about every 4 months to work with the season of the year.

Sandy’s Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover Pattern

I don’t really like eyelash yarns.

That being said, I’ve made a couple of fun fur scarves for other people because they asked for them. I always use it with another base yarn. And i always do a K1 P1 rib because i really don’t like the look of garter stitch with the fun fur (looks pretty shaggy).

The yarn is pretty easy to work with. Haven’t had any problems.

Using fun fur is how I learned to knit. I used two strands held together to make a scarf. I’ve made 2 so far, one for me & one for my daughter. I like it but I’m really new at this, so my experience is limited.

Fun fur scarves are “all the rave” over here at the moment. Personally, I hate working with the stuff!! It’s not easy to work with and even a person with perfect vision would find it hard to see their stitches.

If you have the patience and the tolerance then by all means. But if you’re anything like me (ie easily frustrated by uncooperative darned yarn) then I wouldn’t try it. LOL :roflhard:

Seriously, though… I do happen to like the look of it. I even have one of the fun fur scarves (made for me by a friend). But be warned it takes a lot of patience (and maybe a magnifying lens). :thumbsup:

Mu sirdar Foxy scarf is done in fun fur (see link in sig) it was my first full project back on the needles after a 20 year absence. It was surprisingly easy to work with - I have another yarn by another manufacturer that is similar but extremely hard to work with. The yarn is stretchy and it is problematic. The Sirdar one was fine - not stretchy and easy enough to see where the stitches are.

I love the scarf! What pattern did you use and can you send link?

I think I bought the pattern - I’ve had this upheaval the last week or two and I’m not sure where I’ve put the pattern. IIRC it was basically a very very simple stocking stitch pattern. You knit in stst for around about 4" then you put half the stitches on a holder. You knit up one half to be around 4-6" from the bottom of the “split” then put those stitches on a holder. Take the ones off the other holder, rejoin yarn and knit it up to the same length, then just knit across the entire row when you have the two halves at the same length. Carry on and bind off when you’ve used up two balls of yarn.

I’m sure I can find a pattern for a split hole scarf somewhere online if I have a hunt around - its pretty much exactly that but using foxy yarn.

heres a “similar” scarf (peephole scarf) http://www.knittingwisdom.com/patterns/scarves/pattern-instructions/mock-cable-scarf.htm

aha and this is more like it too:


Here’s my 2cents.

I have just finished the third row of the cat bed from StitchNBitch with uses a strand of worsted weight yard with a strand of fun fur. And because I am knitting this for a calico cat with lots lf black fur, I am working the base in black. Anyway, it’s not too bad, but I am working it with another thicker yarn and I think that helps. But I would not do it in black right away unless you have really, really, really good light. because it’s hard to see what you’re doing.