Has anybody seen

Saw a young lady wearing a pair of short legwarmers (boot tops). These were a rib knit worn horizontally around the ankle and had buttons for a closure almost like spats, if any of you remember those. Looked quite simple and I could probably knit some but I’d prefer a pattern if anyone knows of one. These were very cool and could be worn over short boots or heels. So much better than the boots being shown with knitted uppers attached. Winters in most places get pretty sloppy wet and separate covers can be washed and dried and last lots longer, I think. Seen any?

something like these?
http://www.wendysmodestdress.com/id55.htm (scroll down about half way)

Couldn’t find your pink ones, though.

Maybe just try googling knitted spats–? i’ve found lots of interesting stuff on Google. linknit41