Has any one used Noro-Lily

how did you like it? was it easy to work with? TIA Cassi

I have 3 skeins. It is very soft. I was trying a lace type pattern and was also working with bamboo needles. I didn’t like the varigated colors with the lace pattern and I didin’t like how it clung to the bamboo needles.

Now, i say all that to say this…

I can’t wait to put it on my new Knitpicks needles which I am loving. and I’m going to make something with a stockinette stitch which will show off the fabulous color. I love, LOVE, the way the yarn feels.


I have some Lily and it’s not variegated. It’s an ivory color and I’m about to cast on for a lace scarf. It feels so soft and wonderful, so I’m hoping it’s easy to knit with. I did see the same scarf that was made with Lily, and that’s why I bought it.