Has any one knit the "Lucky" lace cardi in SNB Nat

I am started it right now, and am having difficulty. I’m casting on 132, doing the 2 rows of the pattern, and then I have the difficulty. I k1, k2tog for the decrease, and then am lost as to what to do. I went through and did the the pattern all the way across, but I end up with more than 2 stitches at the end.

Help? :crying:

So you’re having trouble decreasing in pattern? I haven’t done it, but you might want to check out this old knitalong and see if anyone there had suggestions–I’m not sure without trying it out myself. But let’s see…if you’re following the written out directions, on row three, it starts out k2. If you need to decrease 1 st, you’d k2tog instead of k2, then follow the rest of the row until the last 2 st, and dec 2 there. Does that help? You’ll have to do some fiddling with the stitch pattern once you start decreasing. If you’re leaving a selvage stitch you’d adjust for that too.

You should probably go to the SnB forum, there are messages about the lucky clover wrap http://www.bust.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=snb2

From what I understand, your problem is probably on the yarn overs (I had that problem too). For the yo, just bring your yarn forward. I found the book was a bit ambiguous, as they seem to imply that you do a yo by bringing your yarn forward AND knit the stitch. The way the pattern is written, you must simply bring the yarn over and continue with instructions (here, slip 1). For the psso, you simply pass the slipped stitch over, as if you were to bind off.

I suggest you try the pattern on 10 stitches, first (see the chart on page 104). Your row 3 would be k2, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k5, for instance. Once you master the pattern, you’ll be good to go!

Hope it helps,

THanks for the links. :slight_smile: I will try again tonight, but I was just bringing the yarn forward and then slipping the next stitch. I’m just not sure what to do with the decreases, after reading everything. oy.

Have you figured anything out yet??

I’m just starting to fiddle around with this pattern a bit and had to stop and think for a loooong time to figure out how that first decrease row was going to go :thinking: . I’m doing a slip stitch selvedge edge so I knew I couldn’t do a K2tog to decrease at the beginning or end of the row (not to mention I don’t like starting a row with a decrease for seaming purposes), so I charted it all out and thought and thought and thought until I realized…why don’t I just skip the first and last ‘yo’ of the row! It wasn’t technically a decrease but it did leave me with two less stitches at the start of the next row and that’s essentially the same thing right? Well that’s what I’m going with anyways!!! :thumbsup:

Wow, glad you posted about this. I’m going to be making this for my step-mom for christams, and it’s always good to know about these things in advance. :wink: