Harvest Shawl Pattern

I have designed, Knit, and wrote the pattern for the Harvest Shawl.
Some of you may remember all my previous posts about this…

I wanted to get the pattern in tip top shape before I submitted or sold it, so I enlisted the help of some of the wonderful knitters here on Knitting Help. My DEEPEST gratitude goes out to these folks for all their patience and putting up with me…LOL

The credit needs to go where the credit is due so…
These are the test knitters on the project…

Technical Advisor…

I could never express my thank you enough for your help!!:muah: :grphug:

Because of their hard work…the pattern is ready and is for sale in my Etsy store!!! Just click on the button in my signature and it will take you to my store. I opened it just for the sale of this. In the near future I will have other things in there but for now…the original Harvest Shawl is there for sale, and the pattern to make your own.

Take a look and if you have any feedback about it, please let me know!!!

Thank you again for the folks who helped make this a reality for me!!!


that. is. awesome! Thanks for sharing the result of all your hard work!

That’s so exciting, congrats!!!

Really a beautiful pattern!! well done :thumbsup:

Hi! :waving:

Congratulations on designing such a wonderful creation and also on doing all the grunt work necessary to provide it as a product in your store! :woohoo:

All the best in continuing to create your wonderful visions! :thumbsup:

Ruthie :yay:


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Way to go!!