Harry Potter Scarf Question

Harry Potter Scarf
4 inches wide, 5.5 - 6ft long

160gms each Worsted Weight Patons Classic Wool in the following colours.

Colours described in the HP books: Rich Red (colour 0207) and Old Gold (0204)
Colours as seen in the HP movie: Burgundy (0208) and Maize (0203)
1 set 4.5mm dpns, 2 circulars or straight knitting needles (if you choose to knit flat and seam).[COLOR=“Red”](What size circular needles?)[/COLOR]

20sts to 4 inches over st st

The pattern is written as if you are knitting in the round, but this scarf can be knit flat and seamed if you desire.

Using the red/burgundy colour, cast on 40sts and knit in the round for 3 inches (work st st if you are knitting your scarf flat)

Tip: If you use a provisional cast on you can graft the end closed for a neater finish.

Change to maize/old gold and work for another three inches.

Tip: When changing colours, tie your yarns in a firm knot. Because the scarf is a tube you won’t need to darn the loose threads in if you don’t want to. If you prefer to darn the loose threads in, turn your scarf inside out before you graft the ends together and do it then.

Continue working stripes in this way until work measures 5.5 - 6ft, depending on the height of your little wizard. Make sure you end with a rust/burgundy coloured stripe.

Don’t cast off, graft the end closed. [COLOR=“Red”](What does this mean ?)[/COLOR]

At each end, make 5x4 inch long tassels in the following colour sequence
maize/old gold
maize/old gold

if you are using the two-circular method of knitting in the round, then the circular needles need to be 4.5mm and can be any length.

Grafting is also known as kitchener stitch and is a way of creating a seamless join betwen to ‘live’ sets of stitches (i.e. stitches that are not bound off but are still on needles). It is a method often used for the ends of mittens and toes of socks. An alternative would be a 3-needle bind off. I think there is a video of kitchener stitch in the advanced techniques section of this website.

I can’t seem to find the yarn for this project. Any ideas?
Worsted Weight Patons Classic Wool Burgundy 0208 & Maize 0203

The length of the circs doesn’t matter because you use 2 of them instead of one. If you want to use only one, you’d need it to be at least 32" so you can do magic loop.

Looks like there are several places online to buy this yarn. Here’s one: Knitting-Warehouse.com