Harry Potter Scarf done!

Harry Potter Scarf all done! From atypicallyknit.com, I made mine shorter though I didnt think a below the knee scarf was really a must have. I made it with cashillon rather than wool and it came out super soft and fuzzy!

:cheering: :cheering: I love it :thumbsup:

That looks great! :thumbsup: I’m going to make me a HP scarf oneday hopefully!

That looks so great. Reminds me so much of my brothers old school scarf =D

What a great scarf! I wish we had touch-o-vision, it really looks soft and warm!

Nice job! It looks really warm.

Awesome scarf! I bet that takes you away just a little when you where it!!

Just great! Your stripes are perfect!! :cheering:

Looks Great :happydance: I’m Jealous. I’ve been working on my HP Scarf of and on since Christmas and I’m only half way done. My goal is to have it finished before next winter, but it’s taking forever.

Great job!

That is so pretty! My son has asked for a “Spiderman” scarf…which I take to mean red and blue and black.

I love the fringe at the bottom of yours. Very nice!

It turned out great!! :thumbsup:
Mine is getting there and since I haven’t started anything else, I should really finish it (it’s been on my needles for ages!)

Looks wonderful! :thumbsup: