Harry Potter Hedwig Owl

Okay, here’s my Hedwig owl from Charmed Knits. I want to know what you think. I think he looks too much like a duck and I don’t think I like the button eyes. :???: Maybe I should try another color button. What do you think? :shrug:

She’s darling! Maybe you could do nestled button eyes. Big yellow ones with small black ones in the middle? She’s still cute. I miss Hedwig!

:passedout: very cute!! I agree with knitncook on the eyes but think she is very cute with the buttons :thumbsup:

I think Hedwig looks adorable! Well done! :cheering:

She is very cute. I also agree about the eyes :slight_smile:

I think your owl is sweet.The eyes work (for some reason it makes me think the owl is wearing sunglasses), maybe you could use felt circles to add depth or a small white button to mimic light reflecting off the eye. As for the duck part maybe the beak color is throwing you off. All in all though that is still one very hip owl.
Katrina :thumbsup:

Ahh! I love love love it! :heart: Great job.

Everyone~ Thanks for you input and compliments. Although you can’t see it in the pic, he does have feet. Pic came out rather dark despite using a flash. Oh well. I never knew about sewing on two different color buttons before. I might have to try that. I’ve been looking for yellow or gold buttons with a black rim around the outside. I will play around with the ideas. Thanks again!

Cute!! I don’t see duck at all when I look at it. Nice work!!:cheering:

Great!! So Great!

That’s so cute! I saw that book at the library awhile back ago when i wasn’t quite ready for these types of projects, but I might have to look back over it again. . .

If the owl won’t be played w/ by a small child. You could just use a hot glue gun to ‘glue’ the eyes together. You could use buttons (that way you can place them on top of each other exactly as you want) or just use felt for the eyes. You can control the eye shape better that way.

Hot glue works great gluing things together- but, wouldn’t be a good choice for a small child’s toy.

I found two small yellow buttons and sewed them on top of the black eyes. It looked better when I did that. Thanks everyone for the compliments and advice. :muah:

Hedwig looks like he is ready for another year at Hoggwarts! Very, very cute!

I like her!

That’s so cute! My cousin would so love that.

great job!

Is Charmed Knits the Harry Potter knitting book??? Cuz i want that book…