Harry potter fans help!

I’m wanting to knit some longies in gryffindor colors using patons wool yarn would you say the rich red, or burgundy would be the better choice?

rich red


I think burgundy but Hubby says rich red lol. It’s so hard to tell from the pics online.

Just my 2¢ worth… the Red (rather than the burgandy) looks closer to the Gryffindor colours on my screen.

Hope this helps…

Thanks for your opinion! I was leaning towards burgundy but now I’m thinking the other

My hubby and I both like the red for Gryffindor. :cheering:

I don’t know…I think it depends on what movie you are trying to go for. I lately have been trying to find something a little brighter than burgendy and try to stay away from the really vibrant reds. I also try to find more of a gold colour than yellow. But I am hard core HP…so I am super picky!

I don’t think that red looks very bright, at least in the picture. I like a brick red for Gryffindor. :cheering:

Thanks for your help ladies! I’m now leaning more towards the rich red, the burgundy seems almost too purple. ::sigh:: I guess it doesn’t matter that much :teehee: I found a picture of the rich red knitted into a cap I would post that as a better picture but I don’t know if we can link to someone elses photo? I found it in a blog.

Love the colors!

I am going to say that the red looks better. But I would also look on Knit Picks I just finished a scarf using yarn from thier site and they have some pretty accurate colors.

[SIZE=“1”][COLOR=“black”]Definitely the first one! The second one seems too… purple-y. Almost like a deep beet colour.[/COLOR][/SIZE]