Harry Potter again

Okay, you know you’re too focused on knitting when you:

  1. Go to see the new Harry Potter on the first date with your husband since kid number 2 came along, see a knitting friend, and ditch the husband for several minutes to look at a WIP and talk knitting…

  2. Sit with hubby and said knitting friend and COUNT THE STITCHES in the new style Gryffindor scarves. (Five rows gold, ten burgundy, five gold and about thirty or forty burgundy in stockinette, repeat),…

  3. Wonder how the heck the kids coming out of the theater have some of those exact scarves…I mean, is the pattern already out there? Who knits this fast?..

  4. Laugh at the line “okay, back to your knitting.”

Am I an addict or what?

Seriously, the movie is great. Two thumbs up,


The pattern is out there, assuming it’s the same as the scarf in the third movie. I think they are the same style, though I was more focused counting stitches across than rows. :rollseyes: I didn’t quite make it before the closeup went away!

can i say, i have been giddy with delight since seeing this movie Thursday night? i love love loved it! it was my favorite yet i think and at the very least it was light years better than 3! i very rarely feel the need to see a movie twice in the theatres but i have a feeling this one i will be! LOVED IT! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

and i finished a hat that i had been carrying around not getting any work done on for quite some time. BONUS!

You can find the patterns for both styles of Harry Potter scarves at a site called Atypically Knit. We also have a Harry Potter knit-along on this forum.

I’m glad to see I’m not the one who thought HP&POA wasn’t as good. I haven’t seen HP&GOF yet but I think HP&POA was the weakest of the three I have seen.

hubby was supposed to work this past weekend - ended up in bed sick 8(

DD went with her friends and when asked what she thought she quoted Ron : “Bloody Brilliant!”

SO I can’t wait!

Me and SU were supposed to go see it tonight at an IMAX theater…but he’s still not home yet…so no movie tonight :frowning:

I think I’m going to go pout…

That is too funny…I can just picture you there counting the rows in the scarf.

My dd has the first year scarves and loves them! Now she wants me to make her a 4th year Raven claw scarf. I told her to knit it herself. I think she will as soon as she finishes what she has on her needles now.

How cool. I can’t get my daughter to knit. She can crochet but doesn’t do it but maybe once in a blue moon. She has started to cross stitch but even that is sporadic. :frowning: