Harmony straight needles?

I’m considering order a couple of Harmony straight needles for scarves, etc. I’ve read posts from several of you raving about the Harmonys, but can you tell me what’s so great about them over regular needles (besides the fact they’re absolutely gorgeous!)? If you didn’t want to order the entire set, what’s a good general scarf-knitting size (ie what are most scarves knit on)? Thanks for any info you can give me. I don’t usually use wood needles because the yarn seems to drag, but the addi turbos are getting on my nerves for scarves because the cord gets in the way.

Yes they are beautiful to look at…also very pointy, very light and very smooth:hug: I own US 10. It just depends on the “yarn” I also own plastic straights and aluminum…The harmony worked well for me with a merino blend lace yarn…I made a lacy scarf…It’s posted (awhile back) under “Whatcha Knitting”…

I don’t own a set of my own, but I have noticed that on this site, and other, there have been a lot of people who seem to have problems with the joins disconnecting. KP is apparently very good about replacing them though.

If you do a search you might be able to find some of the previous reviews.

I’ve not used the Harmony straights, as I pretty much do everything on circulars now. However, the Harmony interchangeables are great. They knit almost as fast the nickle-plated ones. I love them!
I would imagine the wood is the same on both straights and circs.

As to what size…what size do you normally use for your scarves? I find that it always depends on what yarn I use. Different patterns call for different yarns, which mean different needles…which is why I got the interchangeable set. :slight_smile:

Umm she asked about “straights”…they don’t “connect”…

I don’t have a set of straights but I do have the interchangeables and fixed circulars. I love them and have used them on all kinds of yarn. As far as what size to get, it does depend a lot on what kind of yarn you use but and 8 or 9 would probably be fine. Check out the patterns you are interested in and see what they recommend.

I have some Harmony DPNs. Yes, they are very pointy! That was helpful when doing a pattern stitch where I had to sneak into a tight spot, but not so helpful when working a pattern of just knit and purl. (I’m a newly resumed knitter, becoming a sock fiend.) So now I have a set of harmony dpns and also 2 sets of bamboo, which are less pointy and I like except when I need the pointyness!


I’ve never knit with Harmony needles. So my comments apply to needles in general.

I find that needles need to meet 2 criteria. First, they need to work with the yarn. With wools, you need a slicker needle. With glossy synthectics, a more “grippy” one. The needles need to match the yarn. Second, the needles need to feel “right” for your style to knitting. Here the only answer is to use them & see if they feel “right.”

Knitting is very tactile. Go to a yarn store & try out the options. Choose something that works for you.

I think you’re right about the fiber you’re using–that probably explains why I have so much trouble with the bamboo ones, particularly when I’m working with wool. They are just too “gripy”. The needles I really like are the addi turbos but the point is “dull” and I finally just gave up on k2gether. I just CANNOT get the needle under that 2nd stitch, so I though maybe the pointy Harmonys would help. Any other suggestions on how to k2gether?

Based on my experience, the harmony tips REALLY help getting into the K2tog.


Oh…I own a whole set of Harmony 10" straights. First off…I love the fact that there was a 10" straight. Hard to find in the “real world” I use them for anything that doesn’t require more than a 10" runway.

As mentioned above, they are smooth, light, comfy, pointy enough, and yes…stunning to look at! My best set of straights!!

The 10" really does make a difference. Not so heavy, not hitting my DH in the leg when we are cuddled up on the couch, not hitting the table top if I am knitting at a table.

I use my Denise set for almost everything else…and after that, I use my knit picks or Addi fixed circs for anything smaller. So I get excited when I have a project I can use my harmonies for!

I own US8 Harmony “straights”. I love them. I like to use them for scarves. And they are really handy-dandy for binding off.
For some reason, I feel like I have more “control” of the binding off when I’ve got a “straight” as my working needle. The knitting itself is on circs, but I’ll use a straight for the right hand needle.

I’ve considered purchasing the entire set of Harmony straights “just cuz”. They’re very nice.

I’m still thinkin’…

whispering in your ear do it…do it!!! :wink:

Crycket and Art Lady my size 15’s are currently on the way to me and I can’t wait to try them. I ordered this size for a specific chart and to see if I like them. I have a “bad” feeling I may be ordering the whole set–Crycket keep “whispering in the ear”.
Anise, I’m really hoping it will help with the k2gether–if not, I think I’m just going to have to give up on that stitch because I absolutely CANNOT do it with my addi’s.