Harmony Sock needles

I have a set of 2.25mm Harmony sock needles…

How do you find them? I have a tight gauge, and I feel nervous! :help:

I do like the feel…but I am worried about something about the same thickness of a toothpick…

Any feelings??

They are very nice to work with…I have used size 1s and 2s…I didn’t get the 0s cause I knew I would snap them…so far no snapping of the 1s [SIZE=1](knock on wood)[/SIZE]and I have snapped other brands :teehee:

I don’t worry about the 2.25’s, it’s the 2.00s that I’m using now - they bend :help: and I’m scared. This is only their 2nd time out, and I’m a loose knitter, but the bend is still scary!

I have the full set. I love them. They are much stronger than other wood dp sock needle’s.
I have knit with the 1’s & 2’s and no problem. I haven’t used the 0’s yet.

I too have the full set in a plastic wallet…I love them they are really smooth and sleek x

I think that , for sizes smaller than 3mm (US 2 i think) i’d prefer having Options nickel needles - i snap things way too easy. Plus, if someone sits on it, it’s kinda difficult for the wood not to break

Try their metal DP. I LOVE them and I knit tight and my stitches never fall off and I never worry about breaking them!!

I have just bought a set of knit picks metal dpn after my 2.5mm bamboo needle snapped. I love them, so pleased that I got the full set. Haven’t tried their wooden ones but generally don’t like to knit on wood as the yarn always seems to catch on the needle.

Oh please don’t get me going again. I just got the Harmony circular set and I love them. Don’t get me all excited about the dpn set. I’ve already got 2 pair of socks going.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Harmony DPNs. cloud9

They feel light and smooth, have great tips that are not deteriorating and I feel no fear of them snappping. I just turned the heel on my DH socks on #0’s.

I have the nickle ones, but I own one 2.25mm and I am just test running them…

So far so good…one tiny teddy bear done…!