Harmony or Clover DPNs?

Hi there,

I really like the Clover bamboo DPNs and those are the ones I use. However, I need to buy some new sizes (2 and 3) and I’m wondering about the Harmony DPNs.

I use the nickel-plated needles for my regular knitting, but for DPNs, I like wood. To be honest, I think the Harmony circular needles are really ugly with the multi-colored “chevron” kind of design (I know a lot of you think they’re beautiful, but they’re just not my style). It looks like the DPNs are actually striped instead of the design that’s on the circular needles, but I can’t tell from the pictures.

My questions are:

  1. Are the DPN’s striped or are they the same “pattern” as the circular needles? Can anyone post a close-up picture? I googled but couldn’t find a good picture.
  2. If you have used the Harmony DPNs and the Clover needles, how do you compare them?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen them and they are just as bright as the circs are. They are supposed to be very nice needles.

However,…I think the color is pretty, but I’ve always felt like it was just too much color contrasting with the yarn. And if you used a multicolored yarn…yikes. I like my Clover DPNs just fine and I can see each stitch clearly.

I agree about the contrast. Thanks, Jan. :slight_smile:

I personally think the Harmonies aren’t bright enough! I’ve been disappointed in that I think the colors are a bit dark and dull compared to some of their photos. But aside from the appearance (and it really is important in terms of seeing your sts), I think that for feel, the Harmonies are a million times better than any bamboo, including clover. They’re much smoother, but not as slick as metal, and the points are terrific. I’d get a set and see what you think-- they’re not too expensive no matter what.

I love my Clover Bamboo needles, but I like the points on the Harmonies better. For smaller sizes I would definitely use the Harmonies because of the better points. The color of the harmonies used to distract me when I first got them, but now I don’t even notice them.


I think the Harmony’s are beautiful. And I like them much better than the Clover bamboo. They are slicker and much more pointed. So easy to work with. And they just get smoother as you use them. I think you’d like them.