Harmony needles

I just got an email from Knitpicks. My Harmony interchangeable set was shipped today. I should have them within 2 weeks. I can hardly wait after waffling for the last couple of months about ordering them.:woohoo:

Lucky you!

Congrats, enjoy

i really like mine–Christmas gift. Glad they are on the way!

:yay: YAH! Good for you! Let us know how you like them, I’m a-wafflin’ too :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost got the Harmony needles. They are SO PRETTY. But in the end, I realized I really am a nickel-plated gal at heart. :slight_smile: Congrats, though! Let us know how you like them.

I got mine for Christmas and I luuuurve them x

I have the nickel plated and the Harmony and they are both wonderful. Especially when you have to use 2 needles, one Harmony and one nickel. So easy to tell the front from the back. I went so far as to buy fixed circulars for socks in both and now I don’t even use markers.:woohoo: I had a case made that would hold them all and now they are a staple in my bag.

My DB said he would get me them for my birthday (in march)

I can’t wait!!