Harmony needles

I recently bought the Harmoney Interchangeable set and I LOVE them. :muah:I even like them better than my Denise set which I use to love.

One of my size 10 1/2 needles had a splinter and I called KP’s right away and they have sent out a free replacement already. I then used every needle and did a sample “knit” just to make sure the rest of them were fine and they seem to be.

I will add some of the dpn Harmony to my xmas wish list.:knitting:

I love mine too. I had been debating getting the Options set ever since I read about them here but I don’t particularly like metal needles so when I saw the Harmony I decided to finally get them. Never mind that I have all kinds of straight and circular needles already.

But I like the colorfulness of the Harmony(though they are a whole lot less bright than I had hoped for.) They are much slicker than ordinary wood needles but less slick than metal needles. Just right for me.

They are the only needles I use since I got them. I even use them for flat knitting, something I thought I’d never do.

I also got all the longer cables as well as a few of the Options needles tips just to try them out. Now I want to buy the bigger Harmony tips that don’t come with the set.


I got mine last week and I really, really like them. Although I was a bit disconcerted today when I realized that my on my current WIP, the needles had begun to unscrew from the cable on both ends! :hmm: I suppose I just need to start double checking each time I pick them up…but having not used interchangeable needles before, it didn’t occur to me to check before! I also ordered a couple of the larger needle tips and longer cables…I wish they had a 16" cable. I do love the color and the slickness.



Yes, the colors aren’t quite as bright as the website photos, but still pretty. But other than that, GREAT needles! I was happily surprised at how smooth they are. I’m going to get more sizes. I wish they had straights and more sizes in the non-“options” ones. But maybe they’ll expand their stash in the future.

I don’t care for metal needles either that’s why I didn’t jump on the band wagon when the Options first came out. I was also very content with my Denise set. But these Harmony are even better!!
I wonder if someone will come out with crochet hooks like them?

I still love my nickel Options. I have a pair of size 1 Harmony circulars. They’re nice, but I don’t think I like them better than the metal needles. But I’m still teetering on buying the Harmony set. :shrug:

I have the options already, and am planning on ordering a few of the harmony’s, so I can do Silver’s magic loop tutorial. I was hesitant - because I have several of the Clover bamboo - and those needles are just so…I dunno, STICKY! But I have heard nothing but good things about these so worth giving them a try!

Ok, my dilemma. Do I put them on my Christmas list or just go ahead and put them on my Amex?


Make sure you use the little key to tighten the cables really well. I have only had my options come loose once or twice and I hadn’t tightened them enough in the first place.


I think I may add these to my Christmas wish list :slight_smile:

:roflhard: I share this dilemma.