Harmony Heaven!

I am in [B]KNITTING HEAVEN[/B]! My KP Harmony Sock Needle set just came in the mail. I was surprised that is was shipped from within Canada (Fort Erie to be exact) so I didn’t even have to pay duty on the order. Total cost US was $47.48 and once we paid the exchange on the credit card it was $48.18 CDN. Considering I paid $10.95 plus taxes ($12.48 total) for one set of five crappy bamboo 2.75mm dpn’s at a not so LYS, I think this is a really good deal because there are six sets of dpn’s with six needles per set in my Harmony set. IMHO the Harmony’s are a much better quality needle than the Clover bamboo ones. I already have the sock on the new needles and I just love knitting with them. They are a inch shorter than the ones I was using so I have to get used to holding them, but they are so smooth to knit with and nice and pointy on the ends so they glide in and out of stitches easily. These needles should have been freezing cold because they sat outside in a postal storage box all night, but they are nice and warm and oh so smooth! I am in [B]SOCK HEAVEN[/B]! Watch out sock patterns, there will be no stopping me now!!!

Lucky you. I just told my husband that I needed more needles and his jaw dropped. I just got my Harmony interchangeables, but currently am in a sock frenzy. Some of my dpns are 10" and aren’t comfortable for socks, I may just have to order a KP set.


You will not regret getting the KP Harmony sock set.

Glad the wait is over and you are enjoying the new needles.

If I hadn’t just told my DH that I want to move, those would be on my birthday list. :mrgreen: Maybe they’ll have to be a gift to myself!

Congratulations on your new best friends!

Oh isn’t it nice getting Parcels I love parcels!!! Especially when they have knitting supplies LOL!!!

I bought the whole shamoley…all the dpn’s, all the Harmony wood OPTIONS, all the 16" fixed circs.

I adore Harmony’s!

A good side note: when knitting a 76 st sleeve ‘in the round’ last week, I was pleasantly surprised that my US8 16" [B]fixed circ[/B] Harmony’s allowed me to work in the round with ease to spare. I didn’t have to go to dpn’s! The reason being: the Harmony tips are stubby…and this allows the cable to wrap a sharper, smaller circle!