Harmony DPN's for socks

I have sock yarn but no needles at the moment. It is a future project that I’m preparing for. I am ordering the options interchangeable needles and thought I would throw a set of DPN’s in there while I have the free shipping. :slight_smile: I think the metal ones would be too slippery so I was going to get the Harmony ones. Size 2.25mm. Anyone have experience with these?

I have the Harmony interchangeables and love them, but I was afraid of breaking Harmony dpns as I use the smaller sizes 2mm to 2.5mm mostly. I’m pretty clumsy and I’ve already broken 2 of my circular tips by leaving my knitting on the sofa. I don’t have a problem with the Options dpns. I bought the sock set 2mm to 3.25mm and am very happy with them. They are heavy compared to some of the materials others are made of, but I don’t find it uncomfortable.

I just knitted my first pair of socks with the 2.25 harmony and they worked great. I did notice that two of the six needles seemed softer and to bend while working tighter stitches. But you do get six needles in the set, so you are able to switch em out.