Harlot Hordes, I saw them!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is releasing her book in NYC today and she invited knitters from everywhere to join her http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/represent.html. There was also something going on at The Today Show. The Purl Man http://www.itsapurlman.com/2007/03/14/represent-w-the-a-purl-man/ organized a bunch of knitters to show up with signs and knitting in hand, and I just saw them!

Anyone here know of anyone going to NYC for this?

Not NYC, but I’m going to Ann Arbor, MI on April 1st when Stephanie is there!! :cheering: :cheering:

Any other KHer’s planning on being in the audience? If so, I :heart: :heart: to meet you!


I’m so jealous of everybody who can be in NYC for the “Represent” happening.

If anybody goes, please post a full report, I’m really curious about it!!

I think Nikki (mwedzi here) went to NYC for this … might have to ask her, or go to her blog. Lucky girl!!

Is the book in stores yet? Or is it just early release at her appearance? :pout:

Why, oh why did I think it was happening tomorrow? :whoosh:

I’m such a dimwit!

Oh well!

The harlot’s website is down now at 0233 EDT. Me thinks the knitters are checking up on her. I just want to know if she made quota. i think she did, but since I couldn’t go I’m dying for any info.

Damn I hate not having a job.

She has put up a picture of the “IMAGINE” stone from John Lennon. There are plenty of sock WIP’s around it with a few feet thrown in too.

I was there. Hosted a group of out-of-towners, including the Tsarina of Tsocks ( http://www.tsocktsarina.com/ ) who went to the sock knit-in at Strawberry Fields and did a yarn crawl to Habu and School products. My favorite LYS, Knitting City, was packed with people from all over, including a talented Tennessee knitter whose handsome husband knew even more about luxury yarn than she did and kept urging her to buy more, more, more. Knitty City was also a collection point for contributions of hand-knitted hats for the homeless. My two hats were added to a considerable pile.

Of the 750 seats in the auditorium at Fashion Institute of Technology, I’d estimate that about 700 were filled. At each seat was a skein of Paton’s SWS and a pair of needles, and we were all encouraged to knit patches for Warm Up America, a project of the Crafts Yarn Council, during the program. McPhee is a good stand-up comic and the crowd appreciated her riffs on C.H.O.K.E., a fictional organization that stereotypes knitters and doesn’t take the knitting industry seriously.

It was a good day for knitting in New York.