Harlequin Stitch


My friend wants me to crochet her a blanket with no holes in it. There is a No Holes Afghan pattern out there but it is not one I’d like to make. Do you think the Harlequin Stitch would make a nice solid fabric?


or maybe someone can suggest another pattern that will make a nice solid (no holes) blanket. I will be using worsted weight yarn, in case that makes a difference.


Here’s some suggestions from a stitchionary including some Tunesian crochet.

Maybe some of the crocheters on the forum have some suggestions: @okckwilter @OffJumpsJack @WhampusKitty


Harlequin looks lovely but does use a lot of yarn!

I have made this blanket below (minus tassels), it does not have any holes and is very easy to crochet. I used a variegated yarn but you could have fun with the colours if wanted.



Oh my goodness! That is beautiful. Thank you so much!


:open_mouth: What a treasure of info. I think I love you:star_struck:


Bean stitch is fairly solid. I enjoy the look of it. Sorry I don’t have a photo to post but I’m working on an afghan in this.