"Hard to work with" yarns

Are some yarns harder to work with than others, or is it just me? I have not had a problem with arylic/wool blends, but I’m with acrylic/mohair blend now and it will hardly slide up or down the needle. The stitches seem to tighten up too easily, but I’m trying to keep it loose.



I haven’t knit with mohair, but I hear it can be a pain in that it sticks to itself. If you’re using bamboo needles by any chance, I’d suggest a switch to metal. If you’re already using metal, well then. . . .

Actually if you use circs instead of straights, the weight of the knitting might not pull it tight, and the stitches on the cord will slide easily at least until they get to the point. If you’re already using circs, well then . . . . .


I saw (and I can’t remember where – may have been Knitty Gritty) that freezing the wool for an hour or so will help make it easier to work with.

It’s worth a shot!

HTH :slight_smile: