Hard to find needles

I am going to start knitting an afghan for my Grandma for Christmas and it calls for size 19-36" circular needles. I am having a heck of a time finding them. I’ve checked at my Hobby Lobby and just looked online at Joann’s because I’ll be near one this weekend and I didn’t see them there, either. Can you recommend someplace that may carry them?



You could buy size 19 needle tips and a set of three long cables (30", 40", 52") from Denise. Or you could buy size 17 (that’s as big as they make them) tips and a 40" cable from KnitPicks.

Good luck!

The closest thing I found is size 19 32" circulars at this website

They’re pricy, but Elann has Addi Turbos in size 19 (15mm) at 32" and 40" overall length. For an afghan, you’d probably want the longer ones rather than have it bunch up on you.