Hard Tips

I was getting our work lunches together this morning when the very sharp knife i was using slipped and sliced my “knitting finger”. That would be the finger i push the needle back into the loop with (bad habit i know).
Both my B/F and I gasped and rushed to take a look at what amount of blood would weep from the gaping wound!
Does anyone else have some cool, knitting related thick skinned areas? Another great reason to knit i think.

OUCH!! :help: I’m not sure what kind of ideas you are looking for. Do you mean for knitting with a cut finger?

psquidy–sorry to hear about your accident! Maybe you can try a sewer’s leather thimble until that heals up (or even a regular metal thimble?)? (I push on my points, too) I don’t have any related incidents to share that would’ve prevented me from my knitting (unless you consider fatigue the following day after spending entire nights finishing up knitting projects!:teehee:)

Okay, I’ll admit it too (although I didn’t know it was a no-no) I push on my points as well. So much so that sometimes my finger gets almost numb. I have thought about using a soft thimble but wasn’t sure if that would work. Glad to know it exists though… may have to check that out.

Maybe you can learn to knit backwards then you can use the OTHER finger as your “push” finger. Hee hee… ANYTHING to keep from not knitting, huh?

Hope you heal quickly.

I have a callous on my right index finger, from pushing the tip of my needles. My left fingers all have callouses from guitar playing. I don’t have lady-like hands.

Hope you heal fast! Or find a way to knit around your injury. That’s funny that you didn’t bleed! A thimble sounds like a good thing to try.

i used to push. then i concentrated on being uber-efficient with my movements. i have had carpal tunnel surgery and don’t want to aggravate the condition, so i try to be careful about things like this.

so anyway, what i did was to teach myself to flick the stitch off the end of the needle with a wrist movement, rather than the tip of my finger. and actually, i was watching meg swansen knit a gansey and noticed she uses the same movement, so maybe i’m onto something there.