Happy Yarniversary!

It’s my wedding anniversary today (3 years!) and my DH didn’t know what to get me but he knew I’d been drooling over the Peaches and Creme website so he said I could order from it! :woot:

So I got 2 of the special monthly dishcloth packs and one of the grab bag specials. The colours are so lovely! I can’t wait to knit with it! I’ve not been allowed yet because it came last week and I’ve had to wait.


Happy Anniversary and sounds like DH is a real keeper!

Happy Anniversary! :balloons:

Happy Anniversary. Have a great day.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Knitting. :waving:

Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy that peaches and cream!

Happy Anniversary!:clink: and Happy Knitting!:knitting:

Ooooh we went to the seaside and I found a yarnshop :teehee: So DH let me browse and I picked out some bargain basket bamboo (£2 for the 2 balls!) and some yarn to make my DS a hat :woot:

Oh and here is the peaches and creme!

Whoa you weren’t kidding about the peaches & creme. I thought you meant a “little creme with your peaches.” You just about bought them out there. Congratulations!

What a great idea. I have a 20th “yarnniversary” coming up…should be good for some Mmmmmmalabrigo or something great! :wink:

Happy Anniversary!