HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (not if you don't like Christine Aguil

I’m not even fan but I can’t get over this:

Dont’ click on it if you don’t like Christine Aguilera)

Aint that the truth :teehee:

:psst: It’s ChristinA. Us ChristinEs get very particular about our name. ChristinA’s are very particular about getting called Christine, too. :teehee:

Her voice has always been amazing. It is the rest of her image that is a mess :eyes:

I love her voice, I always have. I have her first album and her Christmas album, and want to get Back To Basics. I just don’t really care for much else about her.

Oops! SorryChristinE! I know exactly! what you mean coz when I go by my other name Viki I can’t STAND IT when people (including my family)
use a c Vicki or ie Vickie or god forbid a Y! Vicky yuk yuk yuk
Thank you for correcting me.

I actually never even saw her can you believe it til these Grammy’s. I guess I kind of avoided her coz I thought she was a Madonna wannabe or something and I don’t follow much rock hip hop whatever, they have to really stand out (Sting, Dave Matthews etc) but that performance just floored me. I used to sing and wish I still were and man oh man would I like to try that song out like that. :pout:

I was never a fan of her either, but I agree Viki, that interpretation was excellent. But I think the song is pretty amazing to start with, it makes a big difference!

I don’t care for her fashion choices, but I absolutely adore her as an artist. Her voice is amazing. She has always been compared to Brittany Spears. Brittany does not even come close when it come to vocal talent. That Grammy performance was amazing. :notworthy:

Hey April! I keep waking up with that song in my head, then I want to hear it again!

nice tongue twister

when I was acting we had to say this:

Unique New York 5 times FAST

Unique New York Unique New York Unique New York Unique New York Unique New York