Happy to say

…that my WIPS are down to[B] three! [/B]Wow, what a good feeling!

CLASICA #1(this one is for me…needs blocking & seaming)
CLASICA #2 (for DD…pieces in progress)
SYLVI (needs lining)

[B]My Sylvi [/B]has been in progress [U]since January 31, 2009[/U]! :doh:
I had her all seamed and ready-to-wear, but the yarn I used stretched under the sheer weight of the coat, and my sleeves looked like mountain gorilla arms. So I need to line the yokes and sleeves. It’s been sitting there all summer. I have the lining, but no inspiration. Had to pull out all the seaming, frog the collar…and I’m looking at all the pieces folded up in a stack, with the chiffon lining on top!

Clasica Model Coat as seen on cover of Fall 2009 IK:



Sending you some finishing vibes for your Sylvi:hug: I hope you can finish it and enjoy wearing it. And three WIP’s sounds great ~[I]hiding under my pile of 5 WIP’s[/I]~ Can’t wait to see your Clasica’s!

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see your FO. Mountain gorilla arms? I seriously doubt that…:roflhard:

it’s beautiful! I actually prefer your choice of colour since the cables stand out more!

you have to finish it so you can stun everyone when you wear it!

I agree with Pink - you’re going to have heads turning all over the place once you finish!!! Amazing work :o)

You choose the most beautiful patterns!! Wow!! Here’s sending you good vibes on finishing up!! :slight_smile:

Oh SWOOOOOOON!!! :hug: I love the detail and as usual, you’ve knitted it beautifully…Where’s the “Drool” smilie??? Just gorgeous! :yay: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: It will be a showpiece when you’re done!

Everything you do is a showpiece!! I’m inspired by all of your work, truly!


Wow! I love that cabling!!! Man oh man!

I can’t WAIT to see that one finished! Here’s sending you some inspiration vibes!!

I can’t wait to see your projects, especially the Sylvi.

Yea, cant wait to c it …all ur projects r so nice n lovely, wel u hve really gud tasste…thnks for sharing