Happy Thanksgiving

to my fellow KH’ers from Canada. :hug:

Happy Thanksgiving. We are off to supper #3 tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians.

I wish you all lots of turkey,stuffing,pumpkin pie and good times with family and friends.Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day…gobble gobble!

I am ignorant of Canadian Thanksgiving traditions, do you do the whole Turkey thing? Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!:muah:

Edit: I found this great link about it so now I know! Thanksgiving Canada style

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian members!

Happy Thanksgiving! :yay:

Happy Thanksgiving to y’all up there!

Sorry I missed this! Hope it was wonderful!

You haven’t missed it!! It’s our holiday today. We’re having our turkey today with some friends. The lid on my roast pan didn’t close all the way when I put the turkey in this morning :doh:

Tomorrow, I will be making turkey soup with the leftovers and put it in the freezer :drool:

:hug: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!

We had our family dinner yesterday at my moms house. I am fortunate that DH’s family doesn’t generally do anything for Thanksgiving, so it makes getting everyone together that much easier. My brothers girlfriend however has two Thanksgivings, so we had to have an early dinner so they could have time to digest and go to her Uncles… and then off to her aunts today.

Makes me dizzy just thinking of all that food. :rofl:

I made a faux dinner today with chicken and left over mashed potatoes and stuffing. We destroyed that turkey yesterday so there was nothing left for today. :teehee:

If only I could work up the strength to have some pumpkin pie…:slight_smile:

Hope everyone’s holiday was delicious and merry!

I had to giggle when I read your post. Did you think it would be different than American Thanksgiving? I truely don’t mean any harm…I just find it so funny, living next to a country that is basically the same, as our, and still in this day and age, people think we are so different.