Happy Spring holidays from KH headquarters

Happy Spring, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying some nice weather, and the dawning of Spring!

Here are a few photos from our Easter Egg hunt this morning. That’s me (Amy, the voice and hands behind the videos here) with my 4 year old daughter Erin and 6-week old son Cian [KEE-an].

At the end of the hunt, our daughter Erin discovered the Easter Bunny had left a little bunny friend for her. It’s a little felted bunny I made last night. There’s nothing like needle felting for a quick project! Have any of you tried needle felting? I’ve been having fun with it.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

Happy Easter! Your children are beautiful! Cian is already 6 weeks old? Amazing. How does Erin like being big sister? Thanks for the photo of you and your little ones.

At first glance your bunny looked like a real bunny! Very nice.

We had a sunny day yesterday and it’s warm and sunny today; unusual here in western Washington for Easter.

Erin is doing [I]soooo well[/I] in her role of Big Sister. So far the adjustment period has gone really well. Thanks for asking, GG!

I’m glad you’re having some nice weather out there. I am so glad for the dawning Spring weather here. We are just starting to get a bit stir crazy and cooped up! The baby was a good distraction to get through the long months of February and March, but we are ready for Spring!

It looks like most people are out enjoying the day; nice. :sun:

We are still grey here to the south so it was a treat to see your lovely, sunny pictures. The family looks great! These are wonderful, exciting times for all of you. I wish us all many more sunny days.

Thanks so much for sharing photos of yourself with Erin and Cian! Such great photos! Oh my, Erin is adorable! Little Cian will come into his own in a few weeks! He is certainly a healthy looking little man!

A nice family, Amy! A little girl, a baby boy, a mommy, and a daddy!

You have such beautiful kids, Amy and Sheldon. And congratulations on the new guy. He seems to be coming along nicely! Thanks for sharing the pictures and a little about what you’ve been up to lately.

The bunny is a cutie; he does kinda look real.

I’ve not tried needle felting yet. I was just reading about it and realized I’ve never really heard of it before. Color me intrigued!