Happy knitting story! Add your own to mine!

I have a story to share! I am new here, but had to tell what happened over Christmas:
I was with siblings, niece/nephew, parents. They were unwrapping all the handknit things I had made, and I was feeling just full of pride.
Being a recent yarn snob, these were some nice gifts, too!
I spotted a pile of blankies in the corner, and recognized two of them as my own creations: One was a blankie I’d knitted dear niece when she was BORN, 5 years ago; the other was a quilt I had given her for her birthday.

Later on, my brother said "hey since we’re moving; I need to make sure which of these you made because we’re downsizing and donating to charity. I don’t want to accidentally give away one of yours"
And I showed him, and he was nodding because he’d remembered right, and he seemed happy. He said “those are her two favorites”. !!!
I had no idea. I gave them to her, hoped they’d serve their purpose, hoped she’d love them, and…that was that.
And now, years later…
I looked at how well worn (and loved) that knit blankie was, all pink and white, and it made me remember the day I gave it to her, she was 2 days old. It has held up well through a million washings, my brother said.
The other item was actually not knitted, but a quilt I had made. And I could tell it had seen the washing machine quite a few times, as well.
So I asked “wow, so she really likes this one, huh?” and he said “all the time, when I tuck her in, she asks for the quilt Aunt Ronda made for her”.
…talk about the joy of giving…
I am almost crying again just thinking about it…how a gift so simple, but made with love, makes her feel happy, just to cuddle under it.
I need a kleenex…
I am happy to have found this forum, happy new year, everyone!
p.s. I would LOVE if people would post their own story, about a time you realized how much a favorite blankie meant to someone you love…

beautiful story rhonda… i guess that’s why we all knit. My items just seem to be greeted with ‘oh, you knit something else, thats nice (pat on the head)’… so i can’t add one yet - that i can think of :shrug:

Last year I had the honor of knitting a chemo cap for a friend of a friend. Such a simple item…but all I have to do is think about it and it makes me smile. I think partly because cancer makes us all feel so helpless, and it’s nice to be able to do something, no matter how small, to comfort someone going through treatment.

Anyway, it was the recipient’s favorite hat and she asked me to knit more of them, because it was the only hat she wanted to wear. I was so touched, and so glad she felt she could ask me to make more. It seems like in this day and age everyone is afraid to impose – but this is something that I love to do, and she sensed that.

(She’s in remission now :smiley: )

I haven’t knit long enough to know if any thing I have made has long term appreciation. But my mom and my aunt are “afraid” to use dish cloths I made them becasue they don’t want to ruin them.

At Christmas I gave my neice the large Suki bag from knitty.com. It is huge. She is 10 and appreciative of crafts. She loved it and was able to pack all her other gifts up in it. Her mom liked it too. I don’t know yet if this will be a long term favorite though.

Being a fairly new knitter, I haven’t done that many projects.

But, I recently made myself a cell phone cozy, and one day at work, one of the young (i.e. “hip”) teachers noticed it and commented that she would love one. After a short discussion about colors, I offered to make her one (which actually turned into two).

I took the first one I finished to work the next day and took it to her classroom. She gave me a huge hug! She told me that she had never had a cell phone cover before and how happy she was.

With some of my family members teasing me about my new hobby, the feedback from the teacher was sure nice!

Oh, Ronda, how wonderful! :heart:

I have an older sister who is a bit too blunt. When I knitted the baby set for our new grandbaby to be and sent her a pic, she told me the color was ugly, when I knitted some other things, she either never commented or told me they wouldn’t like them. Her birthday is the day after Christmas so with trepidation I made her a shawl and clutch. She works for the school system in her town and they are always having some dinner or other and I thought she could use them there. I expected her to tell me she hated the colors, it was too fuzzy, she wouldn’t ever wear it, etc. She called on the phone Christmas day and told me she adored the shawl. Her nephew on her husband’s side is getting married some time in January and she was all excited to wear it and use the gift card I gave her last year to buy dress slacks to go with it ( I had bought her a sweater as I didn’t have time to knit one to go with the shawl) To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement! I was thrilled she liked it. She actually told me she was hoping that I would have made her something for her birthday. You never know I guess.

On the receiving side of the coin, my mother in law was a seamstress and beautiful crocheter. She always made my kids stuff for Christmas. She died suddenly on Valentine’s Day 1989, but the kids still have memories of her because I kept the little animals she made for them, a beautiful coat she made for my dd and an adorable party dress she made for her.

No one can take away the fact that when you make a gift, you make it because you care about that person. Even if they don’t acknowledge it, you might be surprised as I was when they truly love it.


Mine’s a happy crochet story actually.

After I started dating my bf (Robert), I made a blanket for him. I messed up the stitch count and it ended up being a huge piece of work, but done with a lot of love and he’s had it on his bed ever since.

A year and a few months later, when talking to other people he says that he knew it was true love with me because of the blanket I made for him :heart:

I can happily say that I have few, but I will go with these 2.
I recently knit my dear, sweet :heart: husband his 1st pair of socks :blush: (yes, I am hanging my head in shame)…he had never been interested and when I asked if he would like a pair he said no, so I surprised him with a pair. That said, over the period of about 10 days I saw him wear them and wash them I can’t tell you how many times (this was during my time of bedrest from the doc, so he was doing most of his laundry), I mean, he would wash just a few things so that he could wash his socks to wear again…that is one of the best compliments I’ve received in my knitting life! FYI, I did then design and knit Lonnie’s Sport Socks for him and am about to order some more sock yarn for socks for him, too.

Okay, the other thing…we have just now walked in from vacation and during vacation we were doing a yarn crawl, of course! And I was SO EXCITED when I said that I would like to knit a scarf for Lonnie and he was looking at the yarn with me and said, well, I like this color (“cocoa” in Llama Seta from the Queensland Collection [alpaca/silk]…he has great taste in yarn, too :wink:) and then (I had some books with me) he chose Forbes Forest from Scarf Style! I was just so THRILLED that he asked me to knit something else for him!!! :cheering: :cheering:

this is a bit of an odd positive story
I knit these neat little pocket goddesses
I brought a bag of them to the lesbians pot luck dinner we used to have in the area
and gave a few away to the women there who were interested in them
one of the ladies was at a fund raiser a few weeks ago
and she tanked me again for the goddess
she also appologised to me becasue her puppy had adopted it
and plays with it all the time
she says its not damaged or drooled up
but she throws it in the air and then chases it
and sleeps with it on this step stool next to her doggie bed

while I agree that the goddess is not intended as a dog toy, her puppy (a Chiwawa) seems to give it loving reverence


awww… all these stories are so cute, I love them!

Unfortuently, I do not have any happy knitting stories. Maybe some day…


Oh,ecb, the image of a little dog with his very own goddess is just the best!


Thanks for that!


My BFF was going on about some of the holiday gifts her family gave to her twin girls (my goddaughters); the girls are 20 months, and had long asked family to simply make donations in the girls’ names in lieu of gifts, and that if they MUST buy something, to look for wooden or handmade toys. Well, that didn’t happen this holiday, and she was a bit upset.

But then she got my gift for the girls. :eyebrow:

I knit a winter cap for each of them. Super cute, patterned pieces that were colorful and made with loads of :heart: . She was so thankful, using my gift as an example of something made with love, rather than mass-produced. She beamed about it, and took a ton of pictures of the girls pulling them on their heads, rubbing them up against their cheeks… (I’ll share when she sends them!)

I felt like superwoman! :cheering:

[color=red][b]What a wonderful story Ronda … I guess it goes to show that you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors … especially when you hear about various “recycled” Christmas gifts that get put on the shelf and given to someone else two years down the road … the only way you find out they didn’t like it is if you are the one who receives it …

I haven’t been knitting long enough to even complete my first project but hopefully I will have some stories to share eventually since we have a grandbaby coming …

How do you get your “projects you are working on” to appear in each posting? Is it done in the signature box on your profile?


I work at a university in the plant engineering department (we handle all construction and new building on campus).

One of the architects I work with left our department because his wife is very ill and needs full time care now (they are both retired now).

I made him a very simple knit cap in the university colors and told him that I just wanted him to take a little piece of the university with him.

I received a lovely thank you card just the other day from his wife! She saw the hat, she grabbed that hat, she put the hat on…and has decided to keep the hat herself. :cheering:

She graduated from the university and loves watching their football games. Bob said that it brought her a lot of joy.

From a hat that took me 2 hours to make!

Rhonda, that’s such a beautiful story! I just learned to knit back in Sept. because I wanted to make a blanket for my neice who was born in Oct. I can only hope years down the line I’ll have a story like yours.