Happy Holidays and Nappy Yew Hear

Okay, you get the idea. May all of you have a happy, safe, and healthy holiday and New Year. May you all give and receive wonderful gifts crafted with love - these are by far the best ones!

And may you each learn something new about your favorite craft in the New Year. None of us ever know it all… and a huge part of the fun is learning. It keeps your heart alive and your brain active, right?

And may each of you at some point have a loved one by your side this time of year. [If that can’t happen, then please pm me and I will do my durndest to give you some kind of a warm fuzzy!]


Wow, that is the nicest wish! I wish the same back to you ten fold!:hug:

Oh that made me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thank you - and here is a return wish for you as well for all the wonderful things the holiday can bring!