Happy happy happy (yarn swift omg)

I actually jumped up and down Sunday night when the auction closed (ebay) and after waiting almost 2 years I think ? and not being able to decide where to buy from I just DID IT and GOT IT.

My DH told me to play the ebay game and wait til the last minute which I don’t really like to do but I noticed these Glimakra swifts did go for quite a difference in price and I waited til the last 10 minutes and got it (OH I WANTED A GLIMAKRA SO BAD!)
for $51. Plus shipping $13 but still a lot better than some stores.



Yeah!! :cheering:

[size=1]I don’t know one from another though…I just do it by hand. :rollseyes: [/size]

Post photo when you get it please ! We want to see ! :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: YAY for you :cheering: :cheering:

Goody for you!!! :happydance:

Great deal! The excitement of an auction is so much fun.

For future reference for anyone else interested in a Glimakra (they’re awesome!) , 59.99 and free shipping

WHY KEMP…why do you have to advertise so well…I have a cheap metal swift that I purchased just so I’d have one and I HATE IT…now you’re tempting me…

:roflhard: Well geez! I can’t help it if my goal in knitting business is to be somewhat altruistic! That swift just so rocks :slight_smile: …I couldn’t mark it up as much as some places.

I’m sure you could sell the metal swift on ebay or some such venue :wink:

Please allow me to show my stupidity. What is a “swift”, and what is it used for?

I’m a not-so-experienced knitter, so some of the things that are talked about here I don’t have a clue of - but figure asking is the best way to learn. :oops:

It’s not stupid…who would possibly know that???

A swift is a device used to aid winding yarn. Have you ever bought yarn in a “hank” yet? It has to be wound in a ball to be able to knit from it…otherwise you end up with a huge mess! It’s easier than having a loved one sit there with his/her arms spread open rotating as you wind the ball :roflhard:

Not necessary at all, but certainly a nice accessory, especially if you buy yarn in hanks.

THANKS EVERYBODY… it’s on its way.

Oh geez, Kemp, that’s a great price. If I’d known about the free shipping and price… oh well too late. for me anyhow. I will post a pic of it IN ACTION.
Boy do I have a lot of skeins to do, some 2 year old etc.

Now I have to go figure out the Fed Ex tracking thing that I’ve heard you all talk about…

Oh yeah…you definitely need the tracking number…you could so stalk your package right up to the door!

My MIL just suggested that we go in together and buy a swift :happydance:

Oh bugger me, I’m so pleased.

It arrived today.

More about it in my blog… (well not that much more but…)