Happy, Happy Day!

I have a couple of my mother’s (who is in her 60s) baby sweaters, given to me years ago by my grandmother for my DD to wear as a baby (she is now 21, and she did). My favorite is a knitted one, all white with reverse stockinette bands.

Anyway, since I started knitting, I’ve wanted that pattern for future baby knitting. Actually, wanted is far too tame for how I feel about the pattern.:drool: It’s a timeless, unisex pattern, and I’ve been searching for it unsuccessfully for months now. I’ve even gone so far as to buy several lots of old baby patterns through eBay in hopes of finding the pattern, but without luck.

Until today when the last auction lot arrived! In it was Beehive for Bairns, Vol. 4. Behold! [B][I]The[/I][/B] pattern I’ve been looking for, the Quaker Set. :woot:

I just had to share my triumph with those who understand this sickness of mine. Thanks for letting me crow. Now we return to our regular programming… and I’ll start my search for the perfect lace weight yarn for this adorable little sweater…:muah:


Yippeee!!! That’s worthy of celebrating. Good luck on the yarn, too.


Oh wow! How cool is that? So glad you were able to find this little gem, and I hope you get lots of use out of the pattern.

I’ll pass down mom’s sweater when my daughter has a baby. Oddly enough, I knew the ladies who knitted it. When I was a bitty one I used to walk to their house and visit with them, watching them in their recliners surrounded by yarn, hooks and needles flying! Wonder where I got the bug from??? :slight_smile:

But I do want to make this set for when my daughter has a baby. Not that I’m in a hurry for her to have a child anytime soon, I just want it completed well ahead of time, and with a blanket to go with. Have to have time to gauge swatch the perfect yarn! I’ve already got a perfect matching bootie pattern to machine knit!

What an oddly inspirational find for me.

It is like a treasure hunt. There’s such a feeling of recognition, incredulity, and elation. It happened to me once too with a pattern for an adult sweater that I saw on someone else, then stumbled across in a box of loose patterns. This little baby sweater will really be fun to knit.

I’m thinking about using Shadow Tonal lace yarn in Pearlescent: here’s the description…

[I]Pearlescent is truly a color that shines - shades of ivory combine with a warm light grey as well as light shades of platinum and silver. The beauty of Pearlescent is in the subtlety of the variegation. A must have color for any fans of neutral or warm colorways, also great as a neutral shade to combine with other bold colorways.

I have a hank of it already, and it’s gorgeous. But, it’s 100% Merino, and this is for a baby. The last thing a new mom needs is hand wash only baby clothes. I’m thinking a superwash would be a better choice, if there is such a thing.

Does anyone have a suggestion for superwash lace weight yarn that is soft and snuggly?

I wish I could help you with the yarn, but I want to congratulate you on your find anyway. I can imagine the joy that brought. And I know the comfort that the babies will have in their sweaters.

It is a beautiful sweater, indeed, and looks familiar to me. Perhaps Mom knitted it when my daughter was born.
In any case, I loved it the moment I saw it.
Congratulations on finding what you were looking for.

Congrats on that! the pattern does look familiar to me too. I don’t knit baby things, but my mother did a lot…I’ll bet she had that pattern; I might even have it stashed somewhere in my ‘can’t get rid of’ clutter of her stuff. (she died this past March, at age 84). Missing her so much this Christmas.

:hug: I know you do… and know that others are with you :hug: