Happy Fall!

Happy Fall ya’ll.:cheering:
Hopefully, some of the northerners of the group can began to feel it. For us further south it’s just another hot, humid day. So enjoy your Fall festivals, your gourds, your pumpkins, your corn mazes and cider and think of us guys in the tropical regions.:teehee:

:teehee: Fall is lovely in the NE. Unfortunately, it’s followed by winter. :pout:

Oooo - what wouldn’t I give for some warmth and sunshine? :sun::sun::sun::sun::sun::sun::sun::sun::sun:

The Monsoon Season has (finally) passed by, - that was our “summer” that was - so now we’re into the [COLOR=Sienna]Season of Mists …[/COLOR]

As lovely as Autumn colours can be, I’m not crazy about my joints taking on the same hue as the falling leaves. Every year I get rustier and rustier and have a drip of Three-in-One oil next to the bed and one downstairs next to my knittin’ chair.

Last year, the neighbours complained about the creaking and castanet clicking noise I make going down the stairs. I told 'em, it’s not everybody who has their own percussion section in their knees and ankles but they didn’t seem all that impressed.

Enjoy the warmth and if there’s still too much, try sending some our way.

All the Best from The Land of [COLOR=Gray]Grey Skies[/COLOR], [COLOR=DarkOrange]Rust[/COLOR] and [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Mildew.[/COLOR]

I’m wondering if it’s really fall. It’s pushing 90 here today–incredibly unseasonable!!

Ugh, Fall allergy season. It’s already started. :gah:

I can’t stand much more of this :mrgreen::waah:… downright cruelty to sodden knitters it is.

If you need to cool down, just Google the BBC Weather site, and next thing you know, you’ll be reaching for your raincoat and brolly.

I’d love some warm weather. The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder and we hardly even had a summer, just rain, rain and…wait for it…more rain!!! Moving back to Bham Uni tomorrow. It’s gonna be cold there, we can’t afford to have the heating on much! Gives me an excuse to knit more tho, hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers…anything to stay warm.

I actually love fall. It’s the 2 weeks here in Mpls where the weather can’t decide between 90 during the day and below 50 at night. Fan or no fan? and the allergies here at this time of the year want to make me :hair:We always joke here that if you sleep too long one night you’ll miss fall, the leaves are here one day and gone the next. Minneapolis has 2 seasons, winter, and road construction. That’s it. :zombie:

oooh this is my favourite time of year. By the time August gets here I just keep counting the days till Fall. August is my really bad allergy month so I extra dislike August.

October is my favourite month and cannot wait for it.

Last year October was so perfect. It was light and crisp and colourful. Usually the leaves here don’t fully turn colours until November. But last year was sooo many colours and leaves everywhere, in the trees on the streets. Ha the first snow last yr was October 13th. I was sooo happy.

So happy fall to those who like the colder times of year, and for those who don’t I hope you can find some good things in it this year.:muah:

Blech! You all can have my share of the heat. It’s been over 90 here with 65%+ humidity for over 5 months, I hate it. I can’t even walk out to the mailbox without coming back in with sweat moons on my shirt! If we do not get some cool, dry air here soon I’m pretty sure I’m going to just mold over from dampness and heat. :roflhard:

I’m moulded over by dampness and cold - we should do a swap.:teehee:

:roflhard: We should! A funny story, my grandparents are from the UK, Kent to be exact. Anyway, I’ve been plagued with skin cancer for about 15 years now and one time when I was at the dermatologist’s office he said to me “your people should have stayed in England where there is no sun, you’re not made for Florida.” It was hilarious because he’s so right. I’m pale, blue eyes and burst into flames if I spend more than five minutes in the sun. We’ll have to do a house swap some summer, you can come burst into flames here. :roflhard:

Hi Stitchwitch

It wouldn’t take too long for me to ‘flare up’ - I’ve blue eyes and red/brown hair, with skin the colour of a milk bottle - except for my arms, which look like elongated currant buns.:hot:

                     *  *    *   *

Really sorry to know though that the sun has caused you to have such a medical problem.

Best Wishes

I’m with you. I love fall but not the allergies. I can always tell when the farmers are harvesting the cotton and peanuts. Guess where we are going today… a farm to learn about cotton. :mrgreen: :wink:

This is my favorite season. I have my two real pumpkins out by the front door and a new berry wreath on the front door.

I’ve been busy knitting little pumpkins!! If anyone ever told me I’d be knitting pumpkins I’d have said they were nuts!! I also just made a quilted wall hanging…take a look see pics. below.

Knitted pumpkin and quilted wallhanging:woot:

I love fall, its my favorite season! The best part is watching the trees change colors!

Happy Fall? Oh, yeah, I guess it is Fall. I wish someone would tell the weather down here that so it would act accordingly. I lived in Ann Arbor for a few years and fall was my favorite season: crisp temperatures, incredible tree colors, the crunching of leaves underfoot.
Now I’m back in Texas where we have two seasons: hot and not as hot. Oh, and then we have “winter” for a few weeks or maybe a month. Right now, wool makes me hot just looking at it. It was over 90 yesterday.

First day of fall weather in East Tennessee:

93 degrees and humid:hot:

I love fall–its my favorite time of year except for my mold allergy–:achoo:

Fall is great because it comes before Winter! They’re forecasting snow down to 8000’ tonight and I’m doing the snow dance…of course, snow means something different in Colorado than it does other places!