Happy Easter!

Hope you all have a nice day with your families!

HAPPY EASTER everyone! Without the fancy emoticons. :wink: Yay, Jan!

Happy Easter! I frosted the carrot cake, boiled the sweet potatoes and watched my son search for eggs. Now it’s off to church! Have a nice day, everyone!

Happy Easter Jan and everyone!!! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to ya all.

Happy Easter all!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Easter!

What cool emoticons Jan and momwolf!

Happy Easter everyone!

frantically fixes DH’s basket, and finishes ragabunny

Happy Easter to all my new friends here. :XX: samm

:smiley: Happy, Happy Easter to you all :smiley:
We just returned from church…I’m happy to say that my baby LOVED her socks and washcloths (and dove chocolate & reeses bunny, etc) that she got in her Easter basket, as u can see :wink:

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Happy Easter to every one. HE is Risen, :heart: truly Risen.

He is risen indeed!!!

CRAZY fun wonderful day!!!

Sunrise service at 6:30…COLD…lol…outside in the parking lot.
Easter breakfast put on by the youth of the congregation.
Played bells for 8:15 and 11 am service. (Variation of Ode To Joy)
Taught an awsome Bible study (more conversation). Mary’s discovery that her Son was gone, and our reaction as women and mothers if that THAT happend to us. I giggled as the account we read in John said that she thought he was the gardener…I thought how on EARTH could she think that he was the GARDENER? The gardeners I know are dirty, grubby, smelly. NOT the first picture I had of the Resurected Jesus!!! lol…But one of the women said, more than likely he had his back turned to her when she asked what was done with Jesus. And since it was the start of the day, he hadn’t gotten to work yet. When he turned, she knew right away who it was!!! lol…been thinking of that all day.

Home to get ready for dinner.

Dinner, nap, tv time, and here I am!!

Dad goes home tomorrow.
As far as knitting goes…no can do. I’m quilting now…sigh. Thankfully it is fairly easy to do. BIG, but easy. I’ll snap a pic when the camera has batteries again. I got 37.00 worth of batteries for Christmas, and the kids have em all!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

My parents came up yesterday…
my dad made his one year trip up he doesn’t like to travel at all :lol: … we had a good time basically was outside all day yesterday…
had a big Easter dinner…
took mom to the LYS where she bought some quilt material she can’t find in WV…
she loves to come up and do that then she will go back to her local quilt shop that she teaches and works at when needed and be envied by all her friends :rofling:
we dyed the Easter Eggs last night as well…
the kids went to bed later than usual and they were wore out they had Yogi (my dad) on the go all day…
mom and I got their baskets together then took our bunny tracks outside and put them down on the ground to the door and then some inside…
the kids got up about 8 this morning and were excited…
we hid eggs once and this was the first Easter in awhile where we didn’t freeze…
we got dad to stay till 10:30 which is later than last year LOL he wants to get the drive home over and its only 3.5/4hrs :?? …
my little girl was so broken hearted she just cried and cried when they headed to the car made me cry and I can tell mom was cause she wouldn’t look back :crying: …
she has asked for “my Yogi” all day :frowning:
the rest of the day was quiet…
spent it outside playing in the sandbox with the kids or blowing bubbles… visited with our neighbors for a bit…
and all gave praises and thanks that he is risen… :cheering:

Hag same’ach to all the Jewish knitters out there - what’s left of it.

Tamar and family.

Chag Sameach to you too :smiley: Its one day longer for me though.