Happy Dance

It’s been a miserable weekend with wonderful weather, time to knit, good weather to work in the flower beds. My dog at the vet being spayed and staying the whole weekend…Miserable.

I awakened this morning to grey, cloudy skies, rain, and needing to pick up the mutt from the vet and my car… taken by my daughter without permission… GRRRRR

I borrow my son’s pickup and get my mutt, a McGriddle, and I’m home and happy with my puppy and the mail comes. A CD of patterns (YAY! :yay: ) and a box of Regia sock yarn so I can begin the Tulip Socks I want to knit for family that will visit from Holland in May.

Coffee, yarn, patterns. Honestly, the ONLY thing that could make this day better would be for some hunky landscapers in tight shorts and tank tops stopping by to offer to dig up the backyard for the new rose arbor I’m doing this season.