Happy Birthday!

I just noticed at the bottom of the main forum page that this forum lists who has a birthday today. One of my favorite forums from the past had a “Happy Birthday” thread where we passed well wishes on our annual natal celebrations, and I thought it would be a wonderful thing to start doing here with this close knit family-like group.

So, thank you, Debbie for making me notice this with your birthday!

[B][COLOR=“Red”]Happy Birthday, Debbie!![/COLOR][/B]

If she’s still an active member I’m sure she’ll be thrilled! Happy Birthday Debbie!

It posts everyone’s birthdays that have it listed even if they have 1 post from 5 yrs ago. :lol:

Well, I was always raised to believe that sending someone well wishes, whether they had actual knowledge of it or not, was the best thing you could do for someone. So whether she sees it or not, I know that our well wishes will find her and bless her, afterall as they say “it’s the thought that counts”.

:hug: Thank you !

You’re quite welcome, Debbie.

[B][COLOR=Red]Happy birthday, Wends! Happy Birthday, Mouser![/COLOR][/B]

Happy Birthday!