Happy Birthday to Our January 1 Celebrants!

There’s quite a few of you listed, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, so…

[CENTER][FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red][B]Happy Birthday!


Wow! Happy birthday everyone! :present:

Here’s hoping I have this baby today for another Jan 1 birthday. Oy ve!

Happy Birthday everyone! Were any of you the first baby of the new year? My Grandma was and her family was given a car and a years worth of cloth diapers.

Sending labor vibes your way Mellie!

Thank you!!! Happy New Year!

Thanks so much. I was the first baby of the year in my town, although I wasn’t born until early evening.this was 62 years ago, so many fewer people, etc.

Happy New Year to all KHers.

Oh gosh! Good luck!!!



THAT is so neat!

I was second in my hospital and apparently the doctors delivering us were racing. I was sixth or seventh in St. Louis.

Oh, right…happy birthday y’all! Sorry, I’m hung up on the wanting this baby out last week thing…

Happy Birthday, all!