Happy Birthday, The.Knitter!

:hug: I hope you have a wonderful day. :balloons: :clink:

I hope you are enjoying your birthday Christine. :balloons: :present: :balloons:

Happy Birthday Christine! I know you’re up North until this weekend, but Happy Birthday nonetheless!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your birthday, since it will be over by the time you read this. :hug: :balloons:

Happy Birthday!! :balloons: :present:
Hope it was a great one!

Happy Birthday! :balloons:

Happy Birthday Knitter!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, my friend. :hug:


Happy Birthday! :cheering:

Hope you had a fab holiday xx

Happy Birthday The.Knitter!!:balloons:

Happy, Happy B-Day!! :muah:

Happy Natal Anniversary!

Thank you all so very much. I’m home now and really enjoyed reading all your wonderful messages! Thanks again!!! :hug:

Happy Belated birthday my friend . I hope you had a great time away . As you know i was also away for a few days which is why i did not post .
So ! Tell me! What is it like being 21 again? hehehehehe :slight_smile:

Well… let’s see if I can remember… 21 yeah that was ok, I think…

How was your holiday? I hope you had a really good time!

I had a wonderful time . I got to visit Nobones on the forum and her lovley hubby Mike .
I was spoilt rotten which made my birthday perfect . :slight_smile:
Happy birthday to us both lol

Yes, to us BOTH!!!