Happy birthday sheldon!


I second that…Happy Birthday Sheldon! And thanks SO much for all you do for us on this site - you and Amy are the best!!! :hug:

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Happy Birthday!

:note: Happy Birthday to you…
:note: Happy Birthday to you…
:note: Happy Birthday dear Sheldonnnn
:note: Happy Birthday to you!

:note: May you live a thousand years…
:note: May you drink a thousand beers…
:note: Get plastered, oh Fearless Founder of KH…
:note: Happy Birthday to you!

:note: And many more!!! :note:

:clink: :balloons: :present:

For all you do (and have done) for us, we should have all gotten together and bought you the best present in the world, but alas I cannot afford it, and I can’t speak for anyone else.

Therefore, Sheldon I am sending you something more valuable than money. I am sending you my admiration, my respect, my devotion and lots of love and hugs! :heart:

Happy Happy Birthday Sheldon!!:balloons::present::cheering::thumbsup:

Happy Birthday Sheldon! :cheering: :happydance: :yay:

:woohoo: Happy Birthday!!! :woohoo:

Thank you and Amy for this website. KH is great because of both of you.

[COLOR=Green][SIZE=5][FONT=Palatino Linotype]:muah:Happy Birthday Sheldon!!!
You age gracefully like a fine wine but be sure to share with Amy.:woohoo:

Happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Sheldon!! :muah:

Hope you had a good day :present:

Ditto!! Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday Sheldon!!!

Happy Birthday!

:balloons:Congratulations on your birthday, Sheldon!:balloons: Thanks for all you do here on KH! You’ve made a place of learning and friendship! THANKS!

HAppy birthday hope you had a great day

Hope you had a great birthday!

well, since this thread was started yesterday, I’ll add…

Happy belated birthday, Sheldon!!


Hope it was a great day!

I’m late to the party but a belated Happy Natal Anniversary Sheldon!