Happy Birthday Ritaw! xx


Happy Birthday Ritaw, I hope you have a safe trip, can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Have a lovely day, you really deserve it. :muah:

Ooh Happy Birthday!! :present:

Hope you have a fabby day :hug:

Happy Birthday Rita

:balloons:Happy Birthday Rita!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! :balloons:

Happy Birthday Rita. Enjoy your few days away and have fun with Nobones.:balloons: :present:


:yay: :yay: :yay: :happydance: :happydance: :sun: :waving:

Happy Birthday, Rita!

Happy Birthday!! :present:

Happy birthday!!!:balloons::present::balloons::present:

Happy Birthday! :balloons:

Wu-Who… Rita’s coming to visit me today! :woohoo:

:psst: Don’t tell her, but I got her some yarn! Well let’s face it, Rita gets through a fair bit due to her speedy knitting. I’m more than happy to help fund this habit!

I’m just hoping the weather brightens up a bit at the moment it’s pouring.

Well Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I am currently at Nobones house and i am being so cheeky by using her computer to reply to you all .
Thank you for thinking of me everyone .
Ellie and Mike gave me the most awesome present ever . A boxset of Doris day DVDs . (I am a huge fan) and some wonderful yarn :muah:
I hope you all have a wonderful day just like me and Ellie are :hug:

:woot: Happy Birthday!!

It sounds like you guys had a great time and what a wonderful gift (love Doris Day too) :hug:

You lucky lucky girls! I hope y’all are just having a ball!!!

:teehee: We’ve been knitting! I’ve been lucky enough to see Rita knitting now, and people ‘yes’ she really IS that fast! I was stunned. No wonder she is always posting something in the ‘Whata Knitting’ thread! Even hubby was impressed, saying when she left ‘Why can’t you knit that fast?’!

I too love Doris Day films, her voice is so wonderful so when Rita told me she was a fan I knew the perfect prezzie, (other than yarn of course!)

Hi Everyone ,

I thought i would let you know that we had an amazing time with Ellie and Mike on my birthday . Apart from all the nice prezzies , we were taken to Cardiff Bay where we went to to see the Dr Who exhibit, It was fantastic and as we are all great fans including my son Luke . It was thoroughly enjoyed.:slight_smile:
We then went to an american diner called Eddie’s where we had lunch . Followed by eating a strawberry ice cream overlooking the Bay .
I am so lucky . My birthday was made so extra special by both Mike and Ellie .:muah:

Below are two pics , one of me and Ellie at the Dr who exhibit and one of my son Luke and Ellie on the Roundabout .

Glad you had a wonderful time on your birthday:cheering: