Happy Birthday Nobones & Vianey

Happy Birthday to ya nobones and vianey hope both of you have a great day.

From me too! Hope you have a great one!

[B]Happy Birthday Ellie :slight_smile: and Vianey :)[/B]
[B]Have a brilliant day !!![/B]

Have a great day ladies.

:muah: :muah: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ladies!!! Have a wonderful day! Mary

Happy Birthdays :balloons:

Have a great day! :present:

:oops: Mine is actually tomorrow, I only found out I typed it wrong today when I saw at the bottom.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I’m hoping for something knit related, I’ve dropped so many hints and left ‘book’ wish lists over the place… we’ll see, I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Vianey, I hope you have fun :muah:

Happy (early) Birthday to Ellie and Vianey!

:muah: :cheering: :XX: :balloons: :present: :XX: :woot: :muah:
:cheering: :XX: :balloons: :present: :XX: :woot: :muah:
:XX: :balloons: :present: :XX: :woot: :muah:
:balloons: :present: :XX: :woot: :muah:
:present: :XX: :woot: :muah:
:XX: :woot: :muah:
:woot: :muah:

:woot: I got a knitting book! I got Lingerie Style knits. Not on my book list, but very nice. That’s what you get when a man choses the knitting patterns!

Looking forward to a calm day with homemade curry for tea.

Happy birthday :muah::clink:

Happy Birthday Nobones!!! I hope you had a great one!!