Happy Birthday, Marines!

Raise your glass to the Marines today, its their 230th birthday. If you see a Marine, shake his or her hand and say “Happy Birthday, Marine…OOOOORAH!”. I know I will be! :slight_smile:

For your reading pleasure: http://www.reportingwar.com/bearor110305.shtml


the few, the proud, the brave.
knowing my husband since age 12, I can say his 4 year stint in infantry (boat company) changed his life for the better: good grooming, respect, leadership skills, confidence, can-do anything, take charge, no fear.

yes, definitely raise those glasses. it’s a damn difficult job and those men and women kick some serious @$$.


Jodi, please say Happy Birthday to your husband for me! Boat company is no joke!

Thanks for posting this Denise :smiley:
[color=darkblue][size=7]HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES[/size][/color]
[size=6]Thanks to all the brave who keep us & the world safe [/size]:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

YW, it’s my pleasure~!

You’re gonna SCARE somebody!! :roflhard:

No way! You should hear my kids say OOORAH!

thanks Denise :smiley: !

And to boot…

Tomorrow is Veteren’s Day!

So kudos to all our military personnel who risk their lives for our freedoms.

Yes, indeed!

I’ll be SURE :wink: to wish mine a happy birthday!!! whooohooo…forgot about it…

also it’s Martin Luther’s BD today too (if my memory serves me right…)…we have LOTSA celebrations around here…:slight_smile: