Happy Birthday, Contiknitter!

I have just noticed this.

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Happy birthday!!


Thank You! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :present: :balloons:

Happy Birthday! :balloons:

Thanks, guys! Y’all are great! :mrgreen:

Happy Birthday ContiKnitter ! Enjoy…
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Thanks, I’ll post what I got later, after I get it. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!!! :balloons: :present: :clink:

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Ducati monster 900

:cheering: :balloons: :present: :muah: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Yeah, happy birthday!
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Thank y’all! This is the best! :slight_smile:

HOW old are you Birthday Boy??? :??

Enjoy your day~!! :cheering:

:cheering: I love birthdays…will you send me some cake?? LOL…

Okay, all of my gifts so far are knitting related. I got:

-5 hanks KnitPicks WOTA bulky in Pewter
-6 balls KnitPicks WOTA in Amber Heather
-16 balls Knitpicks WOTA in Cloud (for their heirloom aran pullover)

The Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitters Handy book of Sweater Patterns by Anne Bud

That about sums it up (so far). Do you want pics?

ETA- I also got some KnitPicks double points, #5, and I love them!

Yep Post pics~! We love p0rn around here~

I guess you aren’t gonna tell us your age hmmm??? :eyebrow:

yaaay! :happydance: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :woot: :balloons: :present: :woohoo: :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :cheering:

i’m going to guess that u’re now 18?

Happy B Day! :happydance:

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Yes, yes!! Pics, please!!
Seems like you 've received wonderful gifts. :thumbsup: