Happy birthday beldieeeeeee!

Hope ya have a good one! MUAH!



Happy Birthday!!! :smiley:


:balloons: Happy Birthday! Any big plans for today? Definitely treat yourself to some knitting and/or yarn :wink:



Relax and take some “me time” today!

[size=7][color=red]Happy Birthday to you,[/color]
[color=green]Happy Birthday to you,[/color]
[color=cyan]Happy Birthday dear knitter,[/color]
[color=violet]Happy Birthday to you.[/color][/size]

Aww, thanks everyone!! I’m beaming from ear to ear right now.

I got some 8mm knitting needles on Saturday, so that I can start my next knitting project after I finish my boobie scarf and the toe up socks that I want to make for my son (I’m using the leftover yarn from the socks that I made, so we’ll both look so cute together…if I have enough yarn to do it).

My husband walked into the house yesterday with a mysterious look, and a bag behind his back, so looks like I have to wait to see what that one is. Of course, my “big” gift for the next 10 years, and my Christmas gifts, is the house.

For any kind of plans though, I’m not sure yet. I had a friend offer to look after my son so that hubby and I could have a romantic outing. Don’t think I’ll take her up on that though, because it’s not the way I like to celebrate my birthday. I’d rather have my friends “with” me, so I’m thinking of dragging them to a restaurant for an early supper. If I had the house clean enough, then I’d probably invite them over for a barbeque, but that’s not in the cards.

I’ll keep everyone posted as my day continues :heart:

Why would Beldie want to take Hildie time on HER birthday??? :??

:happydance: happy happy happy to beldie! :happydance:
:heart: :heart: :heart:

:balloons: Happy Birthday Beldie! :balloons:

I love every single one of you!!! :heart: Thank you so much.

The gift from my hubby turned out to be a 6 foot long exercise mat. I love it. I got some Winsor Pilates dvds at Christmas and was doing good with them for a while. At the house, we don’t have any carpet on the main floor, so I mentioned it would be nice to have a mat so I could exercise again.

Plans for the evening ended up with a few friends at Moxie’s, one of my fav restaurants. I got a spa kit from one friend so that I can relax after all of this house stuff that I went through. I’m getting yarn or a gift certificate to my fav lys from my other friend (the one that I frequently kip with and also the one with the biggest stash you’ve ever seen).

The classy, “Beld-style”, act of the evening was when I took off my shoes and showed off my knitted socks at the table. In my defense, they all made me do it. Of course I could have said, “no” but what fun would that have been?

Not sure what is in store for the evening. Son is in bed now, so I’ll take some “ME” time. Maybe I’ll dip into that spa package early…

:balloons: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :happydance:
Hope it’s a lovely evening where you are!

Beldie, I am sorry I am a little bit late, but I hope you had an awesome day!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy!!

that’s so funny. i would kick some DH butt if I got an exercise mat! “Well, what the hell are you trying to say, HONEY???” :slight_smile: Glad you like it though!

For my graduation, DH got ME a foodprocessor… and all my friends were like “man, i’ll bet you were TICKED” (okay, not ticked, but you know) And I was like “no way that’s exactly what i wanted!!” :slight_smile:

Sounds like you had a great day. Guess the right gift is in the eye of the beholder! :wink:

Haha Kemp~

I’ve got that comment from a few people now and it had never even crossed my mind to take it that way. It was something that I had wanted and mentioned. Did I mention that hubby was the one who bought me the Pilates collection at Christmas? Also what I wanted though, so I was very happy. I’ve never been one to be upset about my weight or size though, so I’m not sensitive to that. I have many other sensitivities, but not that.

Btw, last night I had a bath and used all of my the products in my “spa kit” that I got from my friend. I felt like a goddess…well, more of a goddess :angelgrin:

Beldie is the UBERGODDESS!! (with 2 little dots over the U)

Oh geez, I been missing things! BELDY’S BIRTHDAY???

Sounds like it was a good one. That Pilates mat will really come in handy… when I’m in the country and miss a week or so of Pilates it’s amazing how much power I lose; my neck starts to hurt again, my stomach starts stickin’ out there again…

anyway, HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY and here’s to a new great year… :cheering:

Oops, how’d I miss this thread?

Happy Birthday dear Beldie!! :heart:

Glad you had such a nice day!

Nice to have friends that will gloat over your knitting! :thumbsup: