Happy Anniversary! - September 14th

Today is our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!:heart:

I remember on another thread, there were others here who were also married on September 14th! Happy Anniversary to y’all!

congratulations!!! have a great day!

today is my Parent’s 46th

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.:heart: It’s my parent’s 55th today too.

:balloons: Happy Anniversary to All!

Wow! With all the longevity, looks like I’m in good company!!

Congrats to both your parents!! :yay:


My 20th wedding anniversary is September 19! I can’t believe it’s been [B]20 years[/B]!

Time does fly, doesn’t it?

You can see the poem my cat wrote for our Anniversary at www.houseof9lives.wordpress.com

He’s very talented! :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary to everyone!!!

Today is a very popular day - it is also our 5 year wedding anniversary! The time has gone by so fast!

Sharly, that Casanova is one talented feline! :thumbsup: My cats has absolutely no artistic ability–well Fluff (very original name huh?) lies around and pretends to be a meatloaf occasionally. :teehee:

Congratulations to you all .

Thanks! And, congratulations to you and your hubby!!

Thanks Purly! I’ll let Nova know you liked his work. Of course, his head doesn’t need to get any bigger!!

I’m sure Fluff would agree just being a cat is artistic enough :slight_smile:

Sharly–true, Fluff does like to POSE artistically–I guess he’s content just being a muse. :teehee:

That’s exactly the right word! A Muse!


Happy Anniversary to you and your honey :slight_smile: :cheering:

:woot:Happy Anniversary :woot:

A very happy anniversary to you and your husband :heart::balloons::note::balloons::heart:

Happy anniversary! :smiley:

Our 4th is coming up in November! :slight_smile:

I shared all your nice comments with Hubby and he said to be sure to pass along his thanks as well :slight_smile: